We minister to children, equipping and training them according to Biblical Principles.

Our dream is to help children discover their true identity in Christ through a living relationship with God. We help them discover their gifts and calling in Christ. Thereby they start to live as “city changers” from a young age and make an impact in their community. 

If we can make reaching children for Christ our top priority, we will influence the future of our country!

Be Inspired

We inspire and train leaders to understand that effective ministry to children can have an immense impact on their community.

Get Connected

We have a kids ministry at every Doxa Deo location.

Connect your child to a life giving children’s ministry.

Get Equipped

We have several opportunities throughout the year for children and adults to become better equipped to develop their skills in children’s ministry and grow to their full potential.

What's New?

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Doxa Deo Kids Global

Doxa Deo Kids Global


Doxa Deo Kids is the Children's Ministry for Doxa Deo.

God's Transforming Presence in Global Cities


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